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Developing your land

Step by Step Guide to working with Studio Boron


Studio Boron consistently seeks opportunities to purchase land and properties suitable for development in London and the Home Counties.

In our role as architect-developers, each of our designed structures harmoniously integrates with its environment, incorporating top-notch materials and meticulous detailing.

Our expertise lies in crafting exceptional residences by optimizing available land space, thereby exceeding the expectations of landowners

Our Process

1. You will receive a letter from us, so please get in touch.

2. Meet us for a tea.

3. Negotiate a deal with us.

4. Relax, as we will take care of everything

5. Wait for approval

6. Permission is granted,

7. Receive a large lump-sum payment and enjoy.


Work with us


Navigating the intricacies of planning and development can prove to be a complex and formidable endeavour. An unsuccessful planning approach can thwart the progress of a site's development, underscoring the importance of selecting the right partner. With a well-established and proven track record, we excel in securing planning permissions for sites of diverse scales, even those with complex challenges.


As trained architects, our perspective sets us apart from conventional developers. Our devoted team is driven by a fervour for crafting contemporary, design-centric solutions for small, often overlooked sites. We have a solid history of championing sites entangled in planning complications, successfully obtaining permissions where others have faced refusals or appeals.


Rest assured, you'll always have direct access to a company director, providing you with peace of mind and a single point of contact. We oversee the entire process, including the management of any concerns raised by local residents.


Securing planning permission can entail substantial expenses, but we typically shoulder these costs. Our robust financial foundation enables us to extend and uphold competitive pricing structures, ensuring a swift and efficient process.

Next Steps

If you think you have a site that might be of interest, we would love to discuss your opportunity further. Please get in touch with us:



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