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National Rail Station Competition.

The new National Rail small/medium stations will be modular, designed according to the required passenger numbers, the location and community. The station sites will utilise the whole length of the platform. 

A 2.4m grid will be laid out along the whole length with foundation connections in place and topped with a cover-plate, which will allow the rapid installation of upgrade works. The grid also allows for a number of items to be installed such as benches and bike locks for example. Inspired by a light-weight transparency, the façade is made of structural columns, supported by shear walls, glazing and swing door units. 

The solid walls house the services; WCs and ticket offices, while the transparent and open space is enclosed by large glazing units and large doors with seating provided at the base, both internal and external. 

The roof structure is made from a space frame, which can be easily upgraded with components with the addition of rows of structure, as well as the structural components below holding up the additional roof portion. The roof provides a substantial cover to passengers on a rainy day giving protection to a cafe on one side and a public space/busker area on the other.

In addition to the public square, an outdoor seating area would continue to the end of the platform. The end of the platform conditions could be extended and provide a community garden, a softer edge to the more hard-landscaped platform. 

Stations can use all of these elements in a way that is appropriate to the size and functional requirements and this modular system allows it to be applied in a straightforward way.

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Urban Kit of Parts​

Apart from the station building components, the items below are a kit of parts that can be incorporated on site in new and existing station locations.

Existing Station Renovation

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