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A house in a Conservation area, with the project consisting of a loft extension at the rear gable roof and a kitchen rear extension.
The loft extension will be a zinc roof cover with a 2 windows and a roof light to allow natural light into the central part of the house. The metal colour of the zinc will match the colour of the window frames, for an integrated aesthetic. The proposal will also remodel an extent of the interiors but this interior work will not require planning. The kitchen design will elongate the kitchen and a sliding fire door will be created in the design to create a protected stair. The living room will
include a new fire door to form a protected stair as well.
The rest of the house include renovations to ensuite bathroom, a larger closet, children's bedrooms and bathroom extension.

Hall 01.jpg
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Family - 08ish.jpg
Hall 02.jpg
Backyard 02.jpg
Ktichen 03.jpg
Ktichen 04.jpg
Ktichen 02.jpg
Ktichen 01.jpg
Master Bedroom 01.jpg
Wardrobe 03 colour.jpg
Wardrobe 04 colour.jpg
2021-03-01 Master Bath.jpg
2021-03-01 Master Bath 02b.jpg
Bathroom Level 02b#.jpg
Kids room 03.jpg
Kids room 01.jpg
Kids room 04.jpg
Kids room 02.jpg
Loft Interior 01 b.jpg
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